Generating Command Line Colors with PHP
January 10, 2012


Generating ANSI (or ASCII) command line colors, or terminal colors, or whatever you call them, is easy with PHP. As I have said in my previous post, ANSI Command Line Colors under Windows, having colored text in the command line is a great help for spotting error or success messages. So here’s a quick and dirty function in PHP to do just that.

The PHP Function


function colorize($text, $status) {
 $out = "";
 switch($status) {
  case "SUCCESS":
   $out = "[42m"; //Green background
  case "FAILURE":
   $out = "[41m"; //Red background
  case "WARNING":
   $out = "[43m"; //Yellow background
  case "NOTE":
   $out = "[44m"; //Blue background
   throw new Exception("Invalid status: " . $status);
 return chr(27) . "$out" . "$text" . chr(27) . "[0m";

echo colorize("Your command was successfully executed...", "SUCCESS");


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