One or two 16m2 rooms available in a shared 150m2 office in a strategic location at the intersection of Slaf Street and Hayek highway at Dekwaneh.

One of the rooms also contains a wall closet of about 2m2.

Shared Balcony space of 22m2 with an open view, 13m2 kitchen with its balcony, and 2 bathrooms and a hallway are...

Open source is the future and is a main driver for development on many levels including but not limited to technical, social, and economic development. In our part of the world, we're not playing an important role in open source, we're not benefiting from it to the maximum, and Arabized features are still lacking in many areas. My lightning talk will hopefully persuade developers to take action, contribute more and more to open source, and assist in taking the whole ecosystem to the next level.