Fully Managed Hosting

Well-defined reliability and security to keep your website online, in top shape, fully backed up, and malware free.

Fully Managed Hosting
Plan Features
$300 / Year
$540 / Year
$960 / Year
Platform Updates Daily Daily Daily
Blazing Fast and Reliable Performance Included Included Included
Full Offline Secure Storage Backup Not Available Yearly Quarterly
Email System Support Not Available Available Available
Forms and Third Party Integrations Not Available Available Available
Application Features Support Not Available Not Available Available
Hosting Account Setup FREE FREE FREE

Additional Hosting Features

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Support at $160 per Year
SSL is a commonly used protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the internet. The "padlock" sign you see in your browser next to the website's address is a sign that the website is using SSL. It's always good to have an SSL Certificate for your website, however, it is mandatory if you are developing a Facebook application or if you want to access the Content Management System (CMS) backend of your website on public networks such as in coffee shops.

Static Website Plan
We offer a static hosting plan at $60 / year for websites without dynamic features such as a contact form or a CMS (Content Management System). Since, in this case, your website is static and hence doesn't change; you will not need backups, updates, or integrity checks.

Domain Names Registration and Management
Domain names such as example.com are as important as brand names and trademarks to your business and we take domain name ownership and protection very seriously.

Our domain name provisioning account is secured against hacking based on the latest security standards and we monitor domain names regularly and renew them automatically to avoid any possible loss of ownership. In short, we handle your domain name as if it is ours.

In addition, should you choose to transfer your domain name to another provider, for any reason, we will gladly help you transition the ownership to your other provider free of charge and without any effort from your side. Your domain name is yours; we just help you protect it.

Domain names vary in cost depending on the top-level domain (TLD) you choose. For example, domain names under the .com TLD are budgeted at $15 per year.

Professional Email System Setup
A professional email system is in place when you use your domain name (which is usually based on your business's name) to create email accounts. For example, if your domain name is example.com, you can setup the email address info@example.com which is commonly used for general inquiries.

We offer different professional email systems from different providers and we help you install and configure them based on the needs of your business. Contact us if you are interested in more information about this subject.