Anne Pro 2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Fn Keys Cheat Sheet
December 02, 2019

The Anne Pro 2 is a wireless sixty percent mechanical keyboard also known as poker size keyboard. It's a tiny keyboard and it might not be for you especially if you need dedicated arrow keys or nav cluster keys like page up and page down.

As Tae Keyboards puts it, this is a 60% keyboard, having just the main area of the keyboard, with 61 keys. But don't worry, just as always, we have all the other keys and functions packed onto other layers. Many people like 60% keyboards for their super compact size, and having everything in close reach. But that same trait can be a negative to others who prefer dedicated keys, such as dedicated arrow keys. For more info about the layout, read the full review of the Anne Pro 2 at Tae Keyboards.

The keyboard can also be used in wired and wireless bluetooth mode and comes packed with a solid builtin rechargeable battery. I think it's one of the best keyboards to be coupled with a tablet as the keyboard is super high quality, wireless, and exceptionally portable.

Below is a reference of all the extra commands you can activate by pressing down the function key Fn and hitting the appropriate key. Keep in mind that the Anne Pro 2 has two Fn keys and it's fully programmable by downloading the ObinsKit from Obins Lab. There's also a tap layer that you might want to activate on some of the modifier keys from ObinsKit. For example, some users like to have their right shift, fn keys, and control be used as dedicated arrow keys when tapped. The capslock key can also be setup to be the FN1 or FN2 keys from ObinsKit.

Direction and Navigation Keys

FN1+WASD Arrow Keys
FN1+IJKL Arrow Keys (Manually Programmed)
FN1+1 to FN1+= Activate F1 to F12 Function Keys
FN1+[ Home
FN1+] End
FN1+; Page Up
FN1+' Page Down
FN1+. Insert
FN1+/ Delete


FN2+8 Toggles Display of Battery Level on Top Row in Green/Red Colors
FN2+9 Switch Lighting Mode
FN2+0 Toggle Backlight On/Off
FN2+- Decrease Backlight Brightness
FN2++ Increase Backlight Brightness


FN1+Esc Tilde Key
FN1+P Print Screen
FN1+O Pause (Manually Programmed)
FN1+, Menu Key (Manually Programmed)

Wireless Bluetooth Connecting and Switching Hosts

To turn on bluetooth and enter pairing mode keep FN2 and one of 1 to 4 pressed down for 5 seconds. To switch hosts later on do the same but use a tap instead of a press for 5 seconds.

Keyboard Layout

Download Manual

Anne Pro 2 User Manual English

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