This post is a quick summary of the number of keys found on standard keyboards. I wanted to order some switches for one of my keyboards and a quick Google search didn't reveal much results and as such, for now and for future reference, I'm creating this blog post.

There are plenty of keyboard layouts currently on the...

The Anne Pro 2 is a wireless sixty percent mechanical keyboard also known as poker size keyboard. It's a tiny keyboard and it might not be for you especially if you need dedicated arrow keys or nav cluster keys like page up and page down.

As Tae Keyboards puts it, this is a 60% keyboard, having just the main area of the keyboard,...

The HyperX Alloy FPS Pro is a high quality tenkeyless or TKL mechanical keyboard. As such, it's a keyboard that's missing the standard numeric keypad or numpad. If you're not an accountant, you basically rarely use the numpad anyways and this keyboard will be a great fit.

We use it for day to day programming work since mechanical...

What is DPI

DPI stands for dots per inch and is also sometimes called PPI which stands for pixels per inch. Technically, DPI is for printing whereas PPI is for screens but in our context they are both used and just mean the same thing.

So basically, you just need to measure how many pixels your cursor moves when you move your mouse an...

What is Reddit

Reddit is an online community site with more than a million sub communities known as subreddits each covering a different topic.

You can browse sub reddits by visiting the reddit homepage for the top most news or going to, for example, /r/boardgames which is a subreddit for people to discuss board games.

You can also...

Google is getting smarter and smarter everyday. Not only it's the main search engine almost universally, it's also becoming a go to tool for live smart computations and unit conversions. Basically, you can think of Google as a search engine and also a smart question answer tool.

Open source is the future and is a main driver for development on many levels including but not limited to technical, social, and economic development. In our part of the world, we're not playing an important role in open source, we're not benefiting from it to the maximum, and Arabized features are still lacking in many areas. My lightning talk will hopefully persuade developers to take action, contribute more and more to open source, and assist in taking the whole ecosystem to the next level.


Why change the default Look and Feel?

Aesthetics apart, every developer should change the default Look and Feel of NetBeans. Why? because it has an annoying bug. Here’s what happens: you’re pumping code in the NetBeans code editor like crazy. You need to switch to another window for a quick copy / paste from your eternal library...

Hide Gmail's Spam Count
December 06, 2010

An Introduction and a Rant

Does the spam count in Gmail bother you? It certainly does.

Are you too lazy to delete your spam messages every few minutes? Of course you are.

Would you like to preserve your spam messages just in case they might contain a legitimate email? Of course you would love to.

You hate using third party tools such...

Hello World!
August 02, 2010

We are Online!

The ubiquitous Hello World post is here to stay. For the sake of programming traditions, we're not removing it. But we do promise that our next posts will be more useful.

Below is a list of Hello World program examples in our favorite programming languages. Consult Wikipedia's Hello world program page if you're...